A Volunteer Memory to Last All Year

You are, no doubt, expecting to spend the next three minutes reading about how you should, in this season of thanks and giving, find time to volunteer to help those less fortunate. And, yes, that is one of my themes today. But I also want to suggest something today that – I hope – will help you be a more empathetic and consistent volunteer throughout the year.

Should we Celebrate Thanksgiving Four Times a Year?

Thanksgiving has many meanings to many different people. Hands down it is my favorite holiday. I love the simple beauty of coming together to share food and fellowship. Although I am not a big shopper, I recognize that many people look forward to the day after Thanksgiving as much as if not more than they do the holiday itself. In some ways it has become its own holiday. Where I work they list it on the official list of holidays …

Foodie Friday: Thanksgiving Edition Roundup!

Key ingredient of your Thanksgiving meal? Cornbread stuffing. Bored with the same ol’ reliable cornbread? Try a fruit stuffing with your roast turkey, with andouille sausage for a little punch.

Holiday Heartburn: How To Avoid It This Thanksgiving

If you’re prone to heartburn or acid reflux, then a big food-focused holiday like Thanksgiving can be an uncomfortable time. So beat the burn — by choosing the right foods and drinks. Follow these tips for a more enjoyable holiday: *Be a nibbler, not a gobbler. Large portions, and eating too quickly, can cause stomach acid to bubble up and irritate the sensitive tissues of the esophagus — the tube that carries food from your mouth to your stomach. Eat small …

10 Ways to Volunteer with Family Caregivers

This is a guest post by Heather Taylor. Taylor is a freelance writer, consultant and radio producer.  Since January 2011, she’s also happily served as a job coach in the AARP Foundation WorkSearch Program,  helping adults aged 50+ who are unemployed, underemployed or career-changers to find satisfying work. You can follow her on twitter at @findingthejobs.  Quick!  What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word November? For lots of us, November means the Thanksgiving feast.  It’s …

4 Frugal Foods to Stock Up on This Thanksgiving…or Right After

“You must be cooking two Thanksgiving dinners, huh?” the supermarket cashier said to me. I hadn’t realized it, but my groceries marching down the conveyor belt did look like a parade headed toward Noah’s ark:  two bags of sweet potatoes, two sacks of cranberries, two frozen turkeys, two bags of onions. “No, just stocking up,” I said, wondering to myself if I’d forgotten the creamed corn. Or maybe that was the unicorn?