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Return of the Page-Turning Titans

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EntertainmentSome of the biggest names in American literature have been silent for quite some time now. Amy Tan? Hasn’t published a novel in eight years. Donna Tartt? Absent for 10. And the last time we heard from Allan Gurganus was in 1997. The drought ends this fall with a splash, as those three authors, among many others, bring out hotly anticipated new novels: Tan’s The Valley of Amazement (left) follows a virgin courtesan from turn-of the-century Shanghai to San Francisco; …

Rick Atkinson Plans to Refight the Revolutionary War

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EntertainmentRick Atkinson’s Guns at Last Light has topped bestseller lists since May. It was the third volume in the “Liberation Trilogy,” his epic history of World War II, and now the two-time Pulitzer winner has reupped for another conflict: the Revolutionary War. Atkinson, 60 (left), spent a grueling 15 years researching and writing the three WWII books (which now have a combined 900,000 copies in print). But “the American Revolution has always had a grip on my imagination,” he says. …