Thin or Fiscally Fit: You Choose

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsWould you rather be thin or debt-free? I know, you want to be both. For those of us who are overweight and underwater, it’s a nice dilemma to mull over (beats the quandary of saving for retirement or paying for your kid’s college education). But it wasn’t a tough call for 72 percent of 2,021 Americans polled. They’d rather keep their current debt than the alternative: gain 25 pounds and owe nothing. Related: Be Debt-Free in a Year or Less Maybe …

Backsliding or Thin for Life?

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Personal HealthDon’t we all know someone who had lost 30 pounds, swore to never regain the weight and then regained that much and more? Or someone who had exercised regularly, suffered an injury and then became a weight-gaining couch potato? These stories worried me, especially when a back injury threw me off track. Unable to play tennis, work out at the gym or practice yoga, I was limited to therapeutic pool walking. Distressed and irritable with pain, I found it easy …