Tom Clancy: Insurance Man Turned Mega-Novelist

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LegacyToiling by day at an insurance agency in the 1970s, Tom Clancy dreamed of writing bestselling action thrillers. Unlike most would-be novelists, Clancy, who died on Oct. 1 at age 66 in Baltimore, had two things going for him. First, he had a great idea for a story (inspired by a newspaper article about Soviet sailors who’d tried to defect), in which a Red submarine captain stages a clever ploy to switch sides, with the help of an intrepid CIA agent named …

Eric Bana: Don’t Cheat Your Audience!

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EntertainmentAlmost from the moment I Tweeted a photo from my chat with the Australian actor Eric Bana last week, I’ve been hearing from various women around the office who, for lack of a better analogy, are melting like butter on a hot stack of pancakes over the man’s hunkiness (I guess I’m not actually lacking a better analogy, but that’s the one I’m going with). Bana puts his charms to excellent use in his new thriller Closed Circuit—costarring Rebecca Hall …

As ‘Sports’ Turns 30, Huey Lewis Hits the Road

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EntertainmentRest easy, America: Huey Lewis says the heart of rock ’n’ roll is still beating. “Popular music is one thing America makes that the rest of the world still wants,” the easygoing singer said during a recent phone call from his Montana home. It’s been 30 years since Lewis first weighed in on the pulse of America’s most coveted export. Sports, the album that produced “The Heart of Rock ’n’ Roll,” was released in 1983. When it  first hit record …