Tim Kaine

On the Airwaves, It’s ‘Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Negative’

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsCandidates up and down the ticket in both parties are putting a heavy focus on two programs important to people in or near retirement: Social Security and Medicare. But as often happens in campaigns, it’s mostly in negatives and not so much in positives. And the negatives come, overwhelmingly, in the form of attack ads in the one-step-removed environment of the airwaves. In Virginia, for example, Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican George Allen are duking it out over defense spending …

In Key Debates, Senate Candidates Make No Mention of Medicare, Social Security

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsMedicare and retirement security have been hot issues in this year’s congressional campaigns, made even more critical with control of the Senate up for grabs. But you wouldn’t know it from watching some of the debates in key battleground states. See also: AARP calls for presidential debates to address Social Security, Medicare Debate season kicked off this week with nary a reference to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and retirement issues – even as candidates in both parties hammered each other …

In State After State, Two Issues Take Center Stage

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsIn Virginia, Democrat Tim Kaine is saying that the country would be in “disastrous shape” if the plan to partially privatize Social Security supported by his Republican opponent had been passed and put into effect. In Florida, the Chamber of Commerce is taking to the airwaves to attack Democratic Senator Bill Nelson’s support of a health care law that it says “will be a nightmare for Florida seniors.” And in North Dakota, the Democratic Senate candidate is hammering her GOP …