Spring Forward: 4 Myths About Daylight Saving Time

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthLet’s hope you’ve recovered from Groggy Monday, the day after we turn our clocks ahead an hour (and lose an hour of sleep) for that  convoluted practice called daylight saving time. Even though studies show that this fiddling with our sleep schedule is a bad idea — a higher risk of car accidents from sleepy drivers during the Monday morning commute, workplace injuries because of tired workers, a spike in heart attack risk — we’re still somehow wedded to “springing …

When Life’s Race Nears the End

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Your LifeIt was quite a contrast. When Cinelli and I married in 1949 I was 20 years old and could run like the wind. Life was a thunder clap back then and my very existence was packaged in a race to a goal I never bothered to define. There was a kind of glory to the rush that trailed fire and dust; we were young and strong and loud, raucous children of a hurricane that never stopped forming. That is no …