‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Returns on TLC

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EntertainmentResearching your family tree used to be a tedious, time-consuming project involving dusty paper records. The Internet age has changed all that. With so much information a simple search phrase away, and so many online services ready to help you track down and document your family history (for a fee, of course), genealogy is one of the booming businesses of the digital age. Its appeal makes sense: A genealogy search pursues tangible family connections using the ethereal, high-tech connections of …

Lisa Kudrow Livens Up Summer TV With Two Shows

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EntertainmentIf you’ve missed seeing Steve Carell on TV, you might want to switch on Showtime Tuesday at 11 p.m. EST. Lisa Kudrow’s quirky improvisational Web Therapy returns for its third season and her character, the self-centered online therapist Fiona Wallice, is vacationing with her new lover, played by Carell. “It seems clear she believes he’s just a salesman, so she’s not really interested in anything long-term,” Kudrow told us. “It’s typical Fiona, jumping to conclusions because she doesn’t feel someone is …