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MFG Weekend Movie and Video Preview: June 6

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EntertainmentTom Cruise finds himself stuck in a time loop, and a Hollywood agent discovers that time is not on his side. That can mean only one thing… It’s time to check out this week’s new movies! Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise stars as a soldier who dies in a battle against space aliens, only to find himself in a time loop that plops him back into that same fateful day over and over again. It’s a Twilight Zone-worthy scenario that …

Tony Scott: A Gifted Director’s Most Thrilling Movie Moments

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LegacyTony Scott directed 16 films, including the Tom Cruise hits Top Gun and Days of Thunder, but he got little of the critical acclaim showered on Hollywood contemporaries such as Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, and Steven Spielberg. Accolade-wise, he even was overshadowed by his older brother Ridley, whose trio of Academy Award nominations in the best director category amounted to three more than Tony ever got. But Scott, who died yesterday at age 68 in an apparent suicide in Los Angeles, had stellar success in …