A Good Night’s Sleep May Protect Against Dementia

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Brain Health | Bulletin TodayAre you getting a good night’s sleep? Two new studies offer yet more reasons for why you should make sure you do. In one study, researchers at the University of Rochester, in New York state, found that the brain sweeps away waste and toxins during sleep. In the other, researchers at  Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, found that poor-quality sleep is linked to the buildup of toxins that seem to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. Taken together, these studies show how sleep …

Why Is Dr. Phil Inside a Pod?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthRemember those pictures of the late Michael Jackson sleeping in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the 1980s in an effort to stay youthful? It didn’t work for him, sadly. But that hasn’t kept other celebrities from dabbling in exotic methods of reinvigoration. Take, for example, pop psychologist, best-selling author and TV host Dr. Phil McGraw, who turned 63 on Sept. 1. According to, McGraw has invested some $65,000 in a device called a CVAC, which stands for Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning. …