11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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11 Things | Bulletin TodayNews, discoveries and fun … 1. Two Swedish women have invented an inflatable bike helmet. (Learn more at Sports Illustrated) 2. Military veteran dogs find second careers as explosives detectives at the U.S. Capitol. (Learn more at Washington Post) 3. A new kind of tattoo on your throat could be used as a microphone — and double as a lie detector. (Learn more at Discovery) 4. The classic rubber duckie and the game of chess are in the National Toy Hall of …

6 Reasons Why Sex Is (Much) Better After 50

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Bulletin Today | RelationshipsYou’ve probably heard or seen Miley Cyrus’ comment that people over 40 don’t have sex. We have some really good news for her. We can think of six reasons why sex is better after 40, and better yet after 50. You can probably add some reasons of your own. (Tell us in comments.) 1. We started the sexual revolution and never looked back. No, we weren’t alive in the Victorian era, but in our pre-revolutionary days it sure felt like …

Andre Cassagnes: 7 Facts About the Etch A Sketch and Its Inventor

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LegacyKids today have iPads and Xbox game consoles, but a lot of Baby Boomers had a childhood gadget that we loved just as much, and it didn’t even require batteries. The Etch A Sketch first appeared in toy stores in 1960 and became an immediate must-have in kids’ letters to Santa. In the half-century since then, Ohio Art has sold more than 100 million of the classic toys, and children (even some adults) are still twisting the dials on the …