The Importance of Making Time for Fun

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CaregivingTaking care of my parents involves juggling many aspects of their lives. At times, their health  issues seem to overwhelm everything else. So much of our time goes to doctor appointments, physical, speech and occupational therapy, and dealing with my mom’s cuts and bruises.  I know, of course, this is critical to keeping them as healthy as possible. But I believe that quality of life is pretty important, too. Even if we have good health, without the moments of joy, …

Almost Time for Tom

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TravelWell, the busiest travel day of the year is almost upon us – as is the busiest shopping day of the year! I, myself, am psyching myself up for a traffic headache tomorrow afternoon, but with the promise of family, good food, and good shopping in the 48 hours that follow…it will be worth it! Will you be traveling for Thanksgiving this year? Here is a very candid story on about holiday travel advice – and how silly some …