Do You Need a Wellness Coach?

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Personal HealthWhen beginning my fitness makeoverseveral years ago, I was suffering from a torn hamstring. Knowing that I could easily reinjure myself with an overly aggressive exercise program or by undertaking the wrong kind of exercise, I hired a personal trainer. Until that point, I had considered personal trainers the exclusive province of the rich and famous. I was delighted to discover that personal trainers were affordable and available to work with ordinary persons like me. The use of personal trainers …

How do you spell “Badass?”

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Personal HealthN – Y – A – D. Yup, Diana Nyad is at it again. Not gonna quit. Not gonna take no or “too old” as an answer. 103 miles from Cuba to Florida through shark and jellyfish infested waters. At the age of 63. Swimming. Walk 103 miles would make most people balk. Let alone in an environment that, well frankly, is just not for humans. Still, this isn’t some unplanned or spontaneous stunt. She’s practicing, training. Planning. Those jellyfish …

Lending a Strong Hand: AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program

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WorkGrowing old in America is not what it used to be. If you are an African-American or Hispanic over 50, you’re more likely to feel financially insecure than any other minority group. These are some of the reasons why older adults either have to look for a job after retirement or delay retirement for a few years. Women in particular, have suffered rising unemployment rates in the last 3 years, peaking at more than 7 percent this past summer. But …

News To Know: Turning Back The Clock

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Personal HealthSeveral studies have connecting athletic activity with extended and improved life for older Americans.