Almost Time for Tom

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TravelWell, the busiest travel day of the year is almost upon us – as is the busiest shopping day of the year! I, myself, am psyching myself up for a traffic headache tomorrow afternoon, but with the promise of family, good food, and good shopping in the 48 hours that follow…it will be worth it! Will you be traveling for Thanksgiving this year? Here is a very candid story on about holiday travel advice – and how silly some …

Long-term care in health care reform

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Personal HealthHere is a story from the Wall Street Journal today that discusses the inclusion of a long-term care benefit in the House bill. It’s a program that would pay cash to people who become disabled by way of premiums deducted from employee’s paychecks – but of course, employees would have the option to opt out of the program. The provision is meant to help with the problem that not many people have long-term care insurance if they need home care …

October Already?

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Personal HealthAs the final quarter of the year is suddenly upon us, there is certainly no shortage of news concerning AARP and its members. First and foremost, it looks like Sen. Baucus’ health care reform bill might be voted on before the end of the week! The AP reports that the bill survived challenges from Republican critics over taxes and more on Wednesday – and Baucus seems pretty confident that they will get the through the Senate Finance Committee soon. The …

Vacation on a Budget

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Money & SavingsAlthough times are tough, the summer tends to trigger the “travel itch” – you know, that sense of urgency to get out of town immediately to a sun-drenched vacation consisting of laying out by a pool and sipping on piña coladas all day. So how can we quench our vacation thirst without spending all of our retirement savings? Well, it looks like Peter Greenburg has some answers for us. An inquiry led Greenburg to give tips on how to find …

News To Know: Medical Tourism, Buyer Beware

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Personal HealthWith limited options at home, an increasing number of Americans are looking abroad to treat diseases with stem cells.

News To Know: Retire On The Cheap, Abroad

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TravelWith substantially lower costs, international destinations may allow more people to afford retirement.