Who Wants to Live to 120? Hardly Anyone

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIf a new medical treatment could slow aging and allow you to live to 120, would you want to? Most Americans would say, “No thanks,” according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. The researchers wanted to know Americans’ views on aging — after all, one in five will be age 65 by 2050 — as well as the recent push for medical research and advances to extend our life expectancy. Turns out, we’re not so thrilled about …

Are Anti-Aging Treatments Dangerous?

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Personal HealthInteresting. Very interesting. While anti-aging treatments are all the craze these days in the plight to live forever, some folks are finding that, ironically, these new medicines that are supposed to elongate your life may actually be dangerous to it: [Anti-aging doctors] go-to treatments are steroids, human growth hormone and bioidentical hormones, which they believe offer a natural way to regain youth. Many aging Americans believe it too, which is why the antiaging business has boomed into an $88 billion …

News To Know: Possible Cancer Vaccine Offers Hope

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Personal HealthA new vaccination treatment for cancer has shown promise in studies.