Behind the Seams: Costume Designer Debra McGuire

Meet Debra McGuire, the megawatt costume designer who with nearly 30 years of professional experience is a comedic director’s dream. She has designed theater, film and TV, and secured her place as one of the fashion industry’s most talented people. With two Primetime Emmy Outstanding Costume nominations under her belt and an undying passion to her craft, McGuire took a break from her current television project, The Exes (TV Land, Wednesday, 10:30 p.m. ET), to reflect on her career and …

U.N. Report: 1 Billion Will Be 60+ by 2020; Global Action Needed to Protect Aged

The global population of over-60-year-olds will reach one billion within the decade, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). In a new report, the organization warns that discrimination, abuse and violence against older adults — and especially older women — are still common, even in wealthy industrialized nations.

The Takeaway: Hospices Diversify End-of-Life Care to Suit Boomers

Hospice care with a side of golf? That’s just the beginning. Hospices are working to “diversify their services” in preparation for the eventual needs of aging boomers, according to the Associated Press. In the meantime, providers would like to dispel myths that hospice care is all doom, gloom and candlelit bedrooms.

TV for Grown Ups

Here’s an interesting tidbit of news for today: the median age for viewers of Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC is now 51 years old. Surprising? It may not sound like earth-shattering news, but it’s incredibly important to the way that television networks conduct business from an advertising and show-producing perspective – and also interesting for us to watch the trend! A new report says that the broadcasters’ audience has aged TWICE as quickly as the general population during the past …

Notable News from January 11

I always find “trendspotting” interesting, and it’s especially ubiquitous at the beginning of a new year. Here is a short but interesting article from the Associated Press today that takes a stab at what is on the forefront of home design, and in addition to “drama” taking the lead in the kitchen, aging in place is noted as an upcoming trend! Builders are taking note of people’s desire to remain in their own homes for their whole lives. Another trend …