Trish Vradenburg

For Mom, My Heroine, on Mother’s Day

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Personal HealthMy mother had a cleft palate.  It was fixed when she was three years-old, and you could never tell anything was wrong by looking at her, but it left her with two impediments: her speech and her mother. Because of my mom’s speech impediment, my grandmother told my mom she would probably never get married.  Really?  Is that the way you bolster your child’s self-confidence?  Maybe she thought she was protecting her daughter from the harsh realities of life.  To …

The New National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s: Exclusive Q&A with George Vradenburg

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Personal HealthEditor’s note: Last week, the Obama Administration released its final National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s. This is the first-ever national plan and road map against Alzheimer’s, and it includes a bold goal of stopping the disease by 2025 — marking the first time the federal government has adopted such a time frame. Trish’s husband, George Vradenburg, Chairman of the national campaign organization USAgainstAlzheimer’s, is a member of the Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s Research, Care, and Services, which was convened by HHS. The Council met over the past several months to offer input during the planning process, and provided the Administration and …

What’s So Bad About Having Alzheimer’s?

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Personal HealthEvery other Thursday, we have Trish Vradenburg as our special guest blogger covering Alzheimer’s issues. Trish is a playwright, author, television writer, and Alzheimer’s Disease advocate. She and her husband George founded UsAgainstAlzheimer’s with the goal of finding a cure or treatment for Alzheimer’s by the year 2020. She brings her legendary humor and wit to the devastating realities of Alzheimer’s, and we’re excited to have her share with us here. Recently, Margaret Morganroth Gullette wrote an op-ed in the …