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Social Security Remains Strong Overall and Separate From the Budget

Posted on 07/28/2014 by |AARP Executive Vice President | Comments

PoliticsSocial Security remains strong as seen in today’s long-term projected outlook by the Social Security Trustees. While today’s report reminds us that we must eventually make modest changes to ensure current and future generations of Social Security beneficiaries receive what they’ve earned, it confirms that Social Security can continue to pay full benefits for nearly two decades. The Trustees once again report that the combined Old Age, Survivor and Disability Insurance Trust can pay full retirement, survivor and disability benefits for approximately two more decades, and about 75 percent of …

2010 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report Released

Posted on 08/6/2010 by |Archived Contributor | Comments

Your LifeYou may have heard the 2010 Medicare and Social Security Trustees Report was released today. Below are AARP statements on the report for those interested. AARP Statement on 2010 Social Security Trustees Report Report reaffirms program not in crisis; Modest adjustments needed to maintain critical benefits WASHINGTON – AARP Executive Vice President John Rother offered the following statement in reaction to the Social Security Trustees report released today: “Today’s report from the Social Security Trustees reaffirms that the program is …