Labor Day is No Picnic for the Unemployed

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WorkLabor Day isn’t the easiest holiday for the millions of folks who are unemployed. For family and friends of people who are jobless, being unsure of what to say – or not say – is tough as well (the link has some good advice). It’s an especially difficult time for people who haven’t had to job-hunt in years, and for workers with multiple decades of experience who often face age bias. AARP has resources to help on topics from decoding job …

The Takeaway: Forced To Take Early Social Security

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Bulletin TodayIn May, the Urban Institute reported that the number of eligible Americans taking early Social Security benefits had hit a 35-year low. But the recession and protracted high unemployment have left some older adults—such as 62-year-old Clare Keany—forced to take benefits earlier than planned.

Job Hunting: How Do You Stand Out if You’re Over 50, Unemployed, or Both?

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WorkIf you’re wondering about this, you’re definitely in good company. How can you make your resume stand out in the sea of other applications? And if you’re lucky enough to make it to a ‘phone screen’ with HR – or an actual interview – how can you set yourself apart from the crowd and make a lasting impression so you can get to the next round? A free webinar called How to Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market, being …

“Not Tonight, Honey…I’m Unemployed”

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RelationshipsClaiming a headache used to be the nice way to tell your other half that you weren’t in the mood. When one of you is unemployed, it can affect far more than your bank balance. Everything from your self-esteem to your sex life can take a hit. “Financial worries tend to seep into all parts of a couple’s life together,” says Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a sexologist at the University of Washington in Seattle and AARP’s love and sex expert. “It’s …

Over 50 and Unemployed?

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WorkI wish we had better news for all the people out there who are unemployed or underemployed – especially for jobless people 50+. One report citing September figures noted, “Good News for Older Jobseekers Remains Elusive.” That’s one way to put it. Depressing might be another—especially if you’ve been out of work for more than a year. “Will I ever work again?” is a common thought for unemployed people over 50, many of whom have been jobless for an average …