Random Acts of Kindness: The Health Benefits

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthMaybe it’s part of the push for “random acts of kindness” or a reaction against all the vitriol and general mean-spiritedness in our society or — as a recent study found — because doing something unselfish helps lower inflammation and improves our health. Whatever the reason, people in many parts of the country are doing something nice for the stranger behind them in line: They’re paying for that person’s burger or coffee in the drive-through line, or for his or …

Julie Andrews to Grads: ‘Go Out and Kick Butt’

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Bulletin Today | EntertainmentGet over yourself. That was the message delivered by Julie Andrews, 77, to the graduates of the University of Colorado, Boulder in early May. Under a cloudless sky in Boulder, Colo., on May 10, she began by finding common ground with the graduates at America’s premiere party school, claiming to have welcomed the dawn with them the night before. Then she declared kinship with the University of Colorado mascot — asserting that her own gender-bending role in the 1982 musical Victor/Victoria …

The Importance of Being Unselfish

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Your LifeAs SJ started his senior year this past week, Michael had his first preseason game, and Collins had us all doing ten different things in four different directions, I was thinking about the events of the summer. Some made me laugh; many made me realize there is work to be done in several areas and so on and so forth. One that made me laugh out loud was the day I received a call from a friend of mine who lives in …