Relax! You’re on Vacation!

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TravelSo you’ve planned your summer vacation to the beach, right? Maybe to a theme park with the family? Maybe hiking in the mountains? No matter what you’ve planned for the summertime, did you ever think that you might actually have to make yourself relax? Check out this very interesting article this week from the Wall Street Journal to see what I’m talking about. According to the article (which cites an survey), only 53% of working Americans say they come …

Vacation on a Budget

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Money & SavingsAlthough times are tough, the summer tends to trigger the “travel itch” – you know, that sense of urgency to get out of town immediately to a sun-drenched vacation consisting of laying out by a pool and sipping on piña coladas all day. So how can we quench our vacation thirst without spending all of our retirement savings? Well, it looks like Peter Greenburg has some answers for us. An inquiry led Greenburg to give tips on how to find …

Vacation: The new source of stress?

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TravelReturning from vacations may be an unexpected source of stress for older workers.