verbal abuse

Enough Is Enough

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RelationshipsQ: I don’t love my husband anymore. He is controlling, verbally abusive and only wants me for sex. He is retired and I work full time. He never helps around the house, yet questions everything I do. If I work overtime at my job as a medical assistant, he accuses me of having an affair. He has driven my son and daughter away. We went for counseling, and the counselor said he never loved me, just needed me. He has …

How Do I Deal With a Verbally-Abusive Spouse?

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RelationshipsQ: How does one stop verbal abuse and harsh sarcasm from a mate of 46 years so the tween grandchild isn’t exposed to an unloving grandparent environment? It’s hard because I rely 100 percent on my husband for financial support. Are there assistance programs for those who are not poverty level but in fact own a small business? In my situation, there is a need for a lack of oppression, some peace and cohesive support in the home. But leaving …