The Past is Now: Preserving Memories and Honoring Veterans

What if future history lessons included stories of everyday people? Not everyday people who became president, or painted masterpieces or dominated a sport, but regular folks who left behind stories – and memories – that fade all too soon with the passing of each successive generation. A year-old company, called 1000memories, has devised a way to capture the old photographs and stories of our loved ones for present and future generations. It was founded in 2010 as a place for …

The Good and Bad of Veterans Day: Freebies, Discounts and Fraud

Perhaps you’re a veteran yourself. Maybe you have a family member, close friend, neighbor, or loved one who has served-or who is currently serving. Although veterans deserve our support every day of the year, it’s a great time to highlight the ways businesses and organizations everywhere are honoring veterans. Unfortunately it’s also a time when those who deserve our utmost respect may fall victim to crooks and scammers. But we’ll focus on the good stuff first. 

A Salute to My Dad – and His Fellow Veterans

They were easy to recognize today, as they always are when we meet at the Hometown Buffet. They stood out among the lunch time crowd; most were looking pretty darn sharp in their “uniforms” – khaki pants, white shirts and navy blue blazers with the crossed sword and powder keg emblem sewn on the breast pocket, the word “Mountain” stitched above it. My Dad, the spiffiest of them all in my humble opinion, topped his outfit off with a bolo …

Picking Up The Pieces, Part I

Gail Ulerie, mother of Shurvon Phillip, a paraplegic after his Humvee hit an IED: (You can read more about Shurvon’s story from the New York Times Magazine.

In Honor Of Veterans

When wounded vets come home, especially young ones, who will care for them? Their parents…Picking Up The Pieces is a documentary on this topic.