Digging Deeper on Changes to the Social Security COLA

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PoliticsNo one with any common sense wants to see our politicians take us over the fiscal cliff. And I think most people with common sense also realize that Social Security, and the tougher issue of Medicare, are worth thoughtful debate and discussion so these vital programs can be put on stronger footing for future generations. However, when budget cutters take aim at today’s Social Security recipients, it’s time to ask questions and dig deeper into the fine print. A proposal …

PTSD Vets: Don’t Ask for a Service Dog

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CaregivingFor years, I’ve written articles about the power therapy dogs have over people with dementia, loneliness and behavioral problems. My own sweet springer spaniel was a certified service dog I’d take to nursing homes. Of course, you don’t have to have any of those issues to find them comforting. (When my father was dying, he asked for my dog.) So my human ears perked up when I read that a federal regulation that went into effect last week still does …

Yoga Helps Stroke Survivors — Even Skeptical Ones

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Bulletin Today | Personal Health“Yoga is for girls, yoga is for hippies,” is what a group of older male veterans — and stroke survivors — told researchers who wanted to see if doing some basic yoga movements would help improve the veterans’ balance. But then the group tried yoga anyway, and boy, were they surprised. They discovered that even long after having a stroke, working on basic, easy yoga poses helped them improve their balance, as well as boost their confidence and ability to …

Giving Military Family Caregivers a Break

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CaregivingGood news for military family caregivers today. The Obama Administration has proposed a new rule that would allow families of U.S. service members to use the Family and Medical Leave Act to care for an injured soldier or to help them get ready if they’re deployed on short notice. Labor Department officials will consider comments over the next 60 days before deciding whether to give it the green light. Here are the highlights of the proposal: Family caregivers could take a work leave …

The Takeaway: Senate Passes Veteran’s Jobs Package; MacArthur Fellow Fights Elder Abuse

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Bulletin TodayThough the President’s overall jobs plan has been languishing in a divided Congress, the veteran’s jobs package—including a provision to give companies tax credits for hiring unemployed military veterans and a job-training program for vets—passed the Senate yesterday 94-1.

Red, White and Blue: Honoring our Veterans

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VolunteeringThis is a guest post by Lee Woodruff. Woodruff is a contributing home and family editor for ABC’s Good Morning America. Her first novel will be published summer 2012. Lee and her family make their home in Westchester County, NY. “Mrs. Woodruff, what girl is ever going to go home with me from a bar?”  He looked up at me with a lopsided grin that said he was partially joking but also dead serious.  His voice was devoid of self …