Virginia Johnson

11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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11 Things | Bulletin TodayNews, discoveries and fun … 1. Trying to shame people into losing weight only makes them get fatter. (Learn more at AARP) 2. Former President George H.W. Bush looks great Michael Jordan style. (Learn more at Daily Mail) 3. Bush hates broccoli, but former President (and current vegan) Bill Clinton substitutes whipped cauliflower for mashed potatoes. (Learn more at AARP) 4. Old Jews can tell the same jokes 500 times and still get laughs. (Learn more at AARP) 5. Scientists …

Virginia Johnson: She Helped Bring Sex Out of the Bedroom

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LegacyIn 1957, Virginia Johnson, a divorced mother of two, saw an ad for a position as a research assistant at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The job turned out to be working for Dr. William H. Masters, a gynecologist who’d begun to study a topic that was largely taboo: sex. Johnson took the job, and it was the start of a partnership that would change America. Johnson, who died on July 24 at age 88 in St. Louis, …