Older Workers in Afghanistan

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Random Snacks of Kindness — Volunteering for Big Themes in Life

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VolunteeringHypothetical question: If a random stranger on the street approached you and offered a free cupcake — just because — would you take it? Greg Gano and Sarah Sellman from AmericanBearFilm.com, along with myself undertook that exact experiment in the beautiful city of Scranton, PA. The idea was to pass out “random snacks of kindness” while promoting a simple message — “be kind”. Of course, Greg and Sarah were no strangers to this type of experiment as they had already …

Building a Story — The Roles of Authors and Illustrators

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VolunteeringEvery story has a beginning, middle and end.  And in the details of that telling, we can be transported to times and places that fill us with a range of emotions — from wonder, hope and, mirth — to fear, sadness and dread.  And the best stories usually have a blend of both! My Experience Corps kids are currently engaged in “author studies.”  What you and I — if you’re a Gen Xer, boomer or older — used to call storytime!  …

Creative Ways to Thank Those Who Serve — National Volunteer Week

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VolunteeringThis year, National Volunteer Week is scheduled for April 21-27 — and according to the HandsOn Network, the week “is about inspiring, recognizing, and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities.” NVW often translates into neighborhood work projects, usually involving a combination of paint brushes, garbage bags and brightly colored themed T-shirts. It’s a great time to get things done that may have piled up over the winter — and when everyone gets together to …

Market Day — Bringing Polio Immunizations to the People

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VolunteeringThis is a guest post by Philip L. Graitcer and the fourth in a five-part series about a group of dedicated Rotary volunteers helping to eradicate polio in Kaduna, Nigeria. Today is one of Nigeria’s Polio Plus Days. These are days when there’s a big push to go out and bring polio immunizations to the people. We’re going to the Monday Market — one of the largest outdoor markets in this part of Nigeria. Everyone comes here to get their …

Coast-to-Coast Spring Cleaning

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VolunteeringMost people would consider driving 4,500 miles in 10 days a nightmare scenario — but for me — the last week and a half, going coast-to-coast, exploring the beautiful US of A, has been nothing short of fantastic. Maybe it’s the sound of my tires on the road or the constantly changing scenescapes across my the windshield that make it such an exhilarating experience — or maybe it’s the smell of mountain air or the jump in my stomach when …