Tell Your Kids: Deadly Flu Season for Younger Adults

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthNormally it’s those 65 and older who get hit hardest by the flu, but this flu season has been particularly deadly for young and middle-aged adults, causing many more deaths and dramatically higher hospitalization rates than the previous three seasons. The reason is a return of the dangerous H1N1 virus, or swine flu, that caused the 2009-10 pandemic. This particular strain of flu makes people “very sick, very fast, and it kills,” said Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director Tom …

Beware the ‘Befriender’

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Bulletin TodayIt’s often true that older people feel lonelier as their children leave the nest, their friends move south and their spouses pass away. That’s one reason they’re particularly vulnerable to new “friends” who in truth are out to exploit them. As Katherine Pearson, a professor at Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law, explains in the Elder Law Prof Blog, these “befrienders” aim to gain the trust — and eventually access to the assets — of their victims. But if you …

Senior Centers, Part II: Line Dancing at Age 93

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CaregivingVideo courtesy Microsoft/IN2L/Selfhelp You might have missed a piece I wrote earlier this month about senior centers’ efforts to woo baby boomers. (At 78 million-strong, this demographic is a membership director’s dream.) To attract the Forever Young Generation, some centers are dropping “senior” from their name and serving up hip offerings such as wine tastings, dating and divorce workshops and Pilates. Programming for what are considered traditional, older attendees is also changing. (It’s Senior Center Month, so I’m giving equal time to …