Leg Pain When Walking? Take Aspirin, Walk More, Study Shows

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthPeople whose legs ache when they walk because of blocked leg arteries can get just as much relief — if not more — by taking a low-dose aspirin instead of Plavix and taking daily walks. Leg cramps and pain are classic symptoms of blocked or poor blood flow — officially called Peripheral Artery Disease or PAD. PAD affects some 8 million Americans, including an estimated 12 to 20 percent of those over age 65. Because those with PAD are at …

The Takeaway: Changes In Walk Precede Alzheimer’s Disease

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthSomething in the way you move could be an early indicator of cognitive impairment. Five studies presented at an international Alzheimer’s Association conference this month show that a person’s gait becoming slower, less controlled or more variable is often a sign of concurrent problems with thinking skills such as memory, processing info or planning and carrying out activities.

Two Outstanding Doctors: Your Right and Left Legs

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Personal HealthI first met Dr. David Sabgir, a board-certified cardiologist in Ohio, a few years ago. A small reference in Cooking Light magazine to his upstart walking program in Lewis Center, Ohio, piqued my interest. When I contacted Dr. Sabgir, I learned that every Saturday at 8:30 a.m., rain or shine, he heads out on a walk at Highbanks Metropolitan Park in Lewis Center, Ohio, with 175 to 200 patients, neighbors, friends and family members. Frustration triggered the start of Dr. …

5 Things That Make Your Town Walkable

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Great PlacesPeople worldwide want to live in a town/city that is walkable. Places that seek to become more walkable and livable – everyplace from Maui to Abu Dhabi, where the prince has declared that he wants his city to become one of the five most livable in the world—must invest in the features that make it happen. But what are these features? I’ve picked five that some cities are bringing back.

Have you taken a walk today?

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Personal HealthIf not, you should think about getting up and doing so. I came across this blog post from the LA Times today reporting on a study published yesterday by the Journal of Neurology. The study showed that not only does walking improve physical health (we all knew that part, right?), but it may also help to maintain cognitive function and memory for years! The study followed 299 men and women with an average age of 78 over a period of …

Notable News December 14

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Bulletin TodayWe’ve talked about older Americans and technology in the past, and here’s another testament to the fact that those of retirement age are really making use of the latest technologies – from mobile phones to DVRs to the “simple” internet. Check out this short article from the New York Times article – it says that people over 65 “spent 47 percent more time than the previous year watching embedded video within social networks.” That’s a lot of growth! Here’s an …