24 Veterans Get Long-Overdue Medals of Honor

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Bulletin Today | Your LifeMelvin Morris vividly remembers the day in September 1969 when he became a war hero in the eyes of others. Morris was a young Green Beret staff sergeant in South Vietnam. After his master sergeant was killed in a jungle ambush in the vicinity of Chi Lang, Morris, serving as the commander of a Special Forces strike force, went back into the line of fire three times to recover the body and a map case — and was wounded three …

Why So Few Veterans in Congress?

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsWhy are there so few veterans in Congress these days? The end of the military draft 40 years ago and the gradual retirement and passing away of the World War II generation have contributed to a record low of 17 veterans in the 100-member U.S. Senate. >> Sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter. In the House of Representatives the total of 85 veterans — out of 435 members — is also the lowest since World War II. The high point …

D-Day: Finding The Memories

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Your LifeJames W. Eikner on D-Day from Jason Eikner on Vimeo. The World War II veterans are beginning to disappear. D-Day is now 67 years ago, and veterans like James W. Eikner would be in their late 90s, if they’re alive.  Luckily, we have many of their memories recorded… like this one: So I started up that cliff—there were two or three guys ahead of me—and the enemy was leaning over and shooting at us and throwing down hand grenades by …