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Why I Hope Tom Watson Will Do It Again

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Bulletin TodayIf you love golf as dearly as I do, you surely remember Tom Watson, at the tender age of 59, coming within a whisper of winning the British Open in 2009. Playing masterfully over four days at Turnberry’s Ailsa Course in Ayshire, Scotland, Watson would have tied the record with a sixth Open victory but for a bogey on the last hole of regulation play. Instead, he lost to Stewart Cink in a four-hole playoff. “It would have been a …

The Legend of Tom Watson

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Your LifeOver the weekend, I found myself watching golf. This might not seem strange to you, but for a Texas football girl, this was not my style. But there was the British Open, and there was Tom Watson, at 61, playing through rain and mud and looking like a Hemingway character, and he hits a hole in one, and suddenly I’m hooked. “Five-time Open champ Tom Watson on whether he smiled when he looked out window this morning and saw rain: …