Investing in 2012: Health is Wealth

Consumer credit card debt soared in the last quarter of 2011, climbing to nearly $16,000 per family. In running up this tab, consumers seem to have resumed the habit of borrowing from tomorrow’s wealth to meet today’s wants and desires. According to economists who note the anemic economic recovery, consumer spending is outpacing reality. Good-paying jobs with benefits are still scarce, real estate has yet to recover its former value and savings are showing modest returns. At the same time, two-thirds …

The Takeaway: Wealth Gap Between Young and Old Grows; Exploring The Diabetes/Dementia Link

The wealth gap between young and old is wider than ever before, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, with the typical net worth of households headed by someone 65+ at 47 times that of households headed by those under 35. And scientists are increasingly exploring the ways in which diabetes and dementia may be linked