Same-Sex Couples Still Waiting for Equal Treatment

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsThe U.S. Supreme Court ruled the law that prevented same-sex spouses from enjoying federal benefits was unconstitutional nearly a year ago, yet the financial repercussions for these couples are still being worked through. Federal agencies have been updating their regulations to comply, and some have moved faster than others. And even among agencies that have acted, how they handle same-sex marriage differs. The IRS, for instance, says same-sex spouses now must file federal returns as joint filers or as married …

Marriage Therapy for the Price of a Movie Ticket

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Bulletin Today | RelationshipsBy Susan Hagen, University of Rochester A new study finds that watching and discussing movies about relationships is as effective in lowering divorce rates as other, more intensive early marriage counseling programs. Discussing five movies about relationships over a month could cut the three-year divorce rate for newlyweds in half, researchers report. The study, involving 174 couples, is the first long-term investigation to compare different types of early marriage intervention programs. The findings show that an inexpensive, fun, and relatively …

How Would You Decide This Grave Legal Issue?

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Bulletin TodayThe law, many argue, should strike a balance between allowing autonomy and protecting society. So when the government steps into what seem to be personal matters, people have been known to object. Take the case of James Davis, a widower in Stevenson, Ala., who wanted to honor his late wife’s wishes by burying her at home. The couple had been married for 48 years. As Davis, now 74, saw it, digging a grave in his front yard was the last …