Goodnight, Sweet Wii?

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyYour grandchildren are probably too busy bugging you to preorder Call of Duty: Ghosts for them to notice, but this news will bring a tear to the eye of older gamers (and there are more of us out there than you might realize). Nintendo has just revealed that it’s ending production of the original Nintendo Wii in Japan, which means that seven-year-old gaming system’s days in the United States might be numbered as well. Sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter When the …

Aging At Home, With The Help Of Technology

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CaregivingSome call it the “bonus years,” others call it a challenge.  Either way, we’re living longer lives (in 1900, the average life expectancy was about 47…now it’s about 78) and more than ever we want to remain active, healthy and most importantly independent . And for most, that means one thing: AARP research indicates 9 out of 10 people want to stay in their own homes as they age. With retirement lasting as much as 20, 30 or even 40 …

Heat in Triple Digits? Keep Caregiver Cool

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CaregivingAs I write this post, the thermometer on our back porch here in Phoenix hits a sizzling 110 degrees. But it’s a dry heat, you say?! Indeed. Nevertheless, I just fried my toes walking to the mailbox and I think the cactus in my yard is about to pull up roots and head for a dunk in the pool! I shudder to think what it’s like in humid areas of the country as temps rise. No doubt about it: it’s oppressive. …

News To Know: Staying In Touch

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TechnologyThe second generation iphone is just another example of cutting edge technology that can improve your quality of life.