Is Marriage More Loving, or Boring, in Retirement?

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Bulletin Today | WorkIs marriage more boring or more fulfilling in retirement? (Hint: It’s better than you think.) Do spouses in blended families have different financial priorities for their own children than for their stepchildren? These were some of the questions that 5,415 people were asked in a study called “Family & Retirement: The Elephant in the Room.” Folks weighed in about their hopes and fears when they retire, whether they’d sacrifice their own financial security to help their adult children now, and …

Family Affairs: Do Your Kids a Favor

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Home & FamilyThis is a guest post by Bart Astor. The other day I saw an ad with the headline, “Do your kids a favor.” It went on to say, “You checked for monsters under her bed, sent her to the best school, and helped her buy her first car. Now, do her one more favor.” That favor involves making plans in advance and communicating your wishes to your children. The ad, for a funeral home, takes a subject people don’t like …

Many Boomers Don’t Have Wills, Poll Finds

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Bulletin Today  Who wants to think about death, particularly your own? Drafting a will is an unpleasant task, so startling numbers of Americans say they never get around to it. A new survey finds that 41 percent of boomers (born 1946 to 1964) and 71 percent of people under the age of 34 don’t have wills. Procrastination was cited as the biggest reason (34 percent), followed by feelings that it was unnecessary (22 percent)  or too expensive (21 percent). Don’t tell Fido, but 61 …