Bye-Bye Windows XP: What You Need to Know

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyPlanned obsolescence. You expect it with your cellphone and your TV. You’re used to it with your car. But your computer operating system — the software that determines what you see on the screen and how you make the hardware work —  has nearly always allowed you to upgrade and stay connected and productive. Now, if you’re among the hundreds of millions of computer users running Windows XP, it’s the end of the road. After April 8, Microsoft is cutting …

My Son Fixes My Computer from Israel (Here’s How!)

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TechnologyThe following is a guest post from Suzie Mitchell.  My 29-year-old son has lived in a different state than me since he graduated college six years ago. When he lived in New York, once or twice a week, he’d call me on his five minute walk from the subway station to his apartment—me savoring those minutes. Occassionally, he would return home to Michigan, and during his visit, he would complete various home repairs and check on my computer to be …