Serving others makes you Rich

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VolunteeringRecently, I was travelling across the upper plains, when I woke up to the thermometer reading negative 26 degrees. I hadn’t experienced these kinds of temperatures since I lived in Minnesota as a child. Yet, somehow, I forgot that the cold can really sting. I forgot that the weather can change drastically in an instant. I forgot that you don’t sit next to a drafty door in a coffee shop. I simply forgot that Jack Frost is still a formidable …

Winter Kills: Even Mild Ones Cause More Deaths

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIt doesn’t matter whether you spend winter shoveling snow in Massachusetts or walking on the beach in California, you’re more likely to die of heart-related issues in the winter months, a new study finds. Cardiac researchers with Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles reported this week that it’s not the climate that causes heart-related deaths to spike in the winter, it’s just the season. Basically, winter is bad for your heart. Compared to the summer months, people are 26 to …

Foodie Friday: The Perfect Hot Chocolate

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Your LifeBecause on a day like today, just looking out my window makes me cold!