Wolf Trap

Casablanca: A Full House at Rick’s

Posted on 08/5/2011 by |Movies & TV | Comments

EntertainmentIf you love movies the way I do, you’ve probably watched Casablanca more than once. Maybe, like me, you’ve seen it a dozen times or so. But you’ve most likely only ever seen it on TV, if not by yourself then with one or two others. And that means, gentle reader, you’ve never seen Casablanca at all. I came to that realization a few nights ago at Wolf Trap, the National Park for the Performing Arts, as I watched Humphrey …

Why the Monkees Still Matter

Posted on 06/20/2011 by |Movies & TV | Comments

Entertainment(NOTE: This post is from June of 2011, when the late Davey Jones was still very much a Monkee) I’ve just gotten in from the Wolf Trap amphitheater where, for all I know, a couple of thousand middle-age women, their daughters, and their granddaughters are still standing, screaming, and begging for Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones to return to the big stage for just one more rendition of Pleasant Valley Sunday. Or maybe Last Train to Clarksville. Or …