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2012 International Women’s Day: Overcoming Inequality

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Your LifeSince 1975, every March 8, International Women’s Day celebrates the invaluable contributions that women offer to economic growth, securing peace and social progress worldwide. The challenge this year is to “invest in rural women. Eliminate discrimination against them in law and in practice. Ensure that policies respond to their needs. Give them equal access to resources. Provide rural women with a role in decision-making,” the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says. Women represent more than half of the world rural working …

Lending a Strong Hand: AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program

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WorkGrowing old in America is not what it used to be. If you are an African-American or Hispanic over 50, you’re more likely to feel financially insecure than any other minority group. These are some of the reasons why older adults either have to look for a job after retirement or delay retirement for a few years. Women in particular, have suffered rising unemployment rates in the last 3 years, peaking at more than 7 percent this past summer. But …