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The Best New Year’s Eve Movies: From the Movies For Grownups Radio Archive

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EntertainmentClick the link below to hear the 2-minute show from December 23, 2003; the third show we ever did. Why was I talking so slow???     Movies for a New Year’s Eve: Movies for Grownups Radio Show mp3    

Have Sex, Find God

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RelationshipsYou probably remember the scene. Alvy Singer, played by Woody Allen, is obsessing about the fact that his new girlfriend, Annie Hall (Diane Keaton), doesn’t like to have sex without smoking a joint first. So he goes for a walk and interrogates strangers about their sex lives, including a nebbishy-looking old man. Alvy: With your wife in bed, does she need some kind of artificial stimulation, like, like marijuana? Old man: We use a large vibrating egg. It’s a funny …