Young People Say They’ll Do Better Than Their Parents

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Bulletin TodayA generation of pessimists has spawned an enthusiastically upbeat generation of kids. A newly released Gallup Poll shows that only 5 percent of the children interviewed thought it was unlikely they would not have a better life than their parents. Adults surveyed last month for the USA/Today Gallup poll were split evenly on their hopes for the future of their children. A full 43 percent of the children polled, grades 5 through 12, thought it was very likely they would do …

AARP’s Guide To Working With Boomers

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WorkThis is a guest post from Mary C. Hickey from the AARP Media Content Team. A post yesterday on the Wall Street Journal’s At Work blog offered advice to Baby Boomers on how to get along with their younger colleagues in the workplace. Calling for “mutual respect,” the blogger listed the things Boomers need to understand about young co-workers, including their technological superiority, their lack of company loyalty, their unique ability to collaborate, and their drive for instant success. Okay. Got it. …

How She Did It: From Layoff to Ideal Job

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WorkThis is a guest post by Heather Taylor. This freelance writer, consultant and radio producer has served as a job coach in the AARP Foundation WorkSearch Program since January 2011, helping adults 50+ who are unemployed to find satisfying work. When educator Nancy Angelo got furloughed from her teaching job years ago, she didn’t know that job hunting expert Richard Nelson Bolles had coined the phrase informational interview. She went with her gut. Now she offers advice and tips of her own for today’s career-changers and job …

Here’s to Older Workers

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WorkPop quiz: In December 2011, what was the unemployment rate for people 50 and over? The answer is 6.2 percent, nearly twice what it was at the beginning of the Great Recession in 2007. At AARP we often hear from members in their 50s, 60s and 70s who are unemployed and want and need to get back into the workforce…some desperately so. This month, AARP is shining the spotlight on older worker issues from a range of perspectives, from those …

A win-win: Get older workers back in the game

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WorkHas the economy finally crawled out of the bog? Things may be looking up but – right now – 4 million older Americans are either unemployed or not able to find full-time employment. Many are struggling to meet their everyday needs and having to choose between which necessity to buy – groceries or medicine. That’s a choice no one should have to make. If you’re an employer or a workforce development professional, you can help. How?

Make These Moves to Find Work Faster

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WorkThis is a guest post by Heather Taylor. Since January 2011, this freelance writer, consultant and radio producer also has happily served as a job coach in the AARP Foundation WorkSearch Program,  helping adults aged 50+ who are unemployed to find satisfying work. You can follow her on twitter at @findingthejobs, and keep an eye out for other employment-related blog posts from Heather.  Great resume? Check. Extensive network? Check. Strong elevator speech? Check. But what if you’re one of the millions of Americans …