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Supreme Court Again Chips Away at Protection From Discrimination

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsLet’s say that my boss decides I’m too old to do my job, blogging about stuff. By law, he couldn’t fire me because of my age. But he’d still like to find a way to get rid of me. He stops giving me assignments, and tells everyone it’s because I’m old and slow. I complain to him and others about his unequal treatment, and in retaliation, he moves me to the group that waters our plants. I quit and sue. …

Protecting Caregivers from Discrimination in the Workplace

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CaregivingWorking caregivers, have you heard that tone of voice from your workplace manager? You know the one where it sounds like he’s perpetually disappointed in you? You’re not imagining it. It’s real, or so says a new report by AARP. According to our report, a staggering 42 percent of U.S. workers provided unpaid eldercare in the past five years, while 49 percent expect to do so for a family member or friend in the coming five years. The average caregiver is a …