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In the morning news

New York Times: Standard Medicare Premium Will Rise 3.1% Next Year

David P. Sloane, director of government relations at AARP, the big lobby for older Americans, said increases in Medicare premiums were “eating away at the cost-of-living adjustment” made each year in Social Security checks.
As a result, Mr. Sloane said, “it is becoming more difficult for older Americans, especially those on fixed incomes, to afford their health care.”

The Hill: Democrats go on offensive with SCHIP as their weapon

House Democrats, along with Republicans such as Sen. Chuck Grassley (Iowa), say they will try to flip some House Republicans to get enough votes to override Bush’s veto.

Wall Street Journal: How Baby Boomers Tap Nest Eggs To Fund Ventures

Entrepreneurs have always tapped their cash reserves to start businesses. But boomers are discovering they have a crucial advantage over younger businesspeople: They can draw on decades’ worth of savings to fund their start-ups.

USA Today: Your Money: Consider employer’s health options carefully

When the days get shorter, the leaves start falling, and the stores fill their shelves with Halloween treats, it can mean only one thing: Benefits enrollment season is here.