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Washington Post: Means Test Sought for Medicare Drug Plan

“You say it saves money and these people can afford it, but it also eats away at the incomes of seniors. It erodes their sense of the reliability on these federal programs, and it certainly erodes political support,” said John Rother, policy director for AARP, the powerful senior lobby.

Los Angeles Times: Bill seeks to shed light on 401(k)s

Senior citizen advocacy group AARP estimated that over 30 years, the $20,000 would grow to $132,287 with the lower fee — but just $99,679 with the higher fee.
“The fee information participants currently receive about their plan is often scattered or difficult to access or nonexistent,” said David Certner, AARP’s legislative policy director. “It’s clear that better information is needed.”

Associated Press: FDA Seeks Speedier Generic Drug Reviews

FDA officials outlined a half dozen recent changes that it said will streamline how the agency processes applications for cheaper versions of branded drugs.

Politico: Predicting politics is exercise in futility

On the domestic front, the parties seem to be moving closer together on issues demanding immediate attention yet remain miles apart.
Both parties see health care costs and the growing pool of uninsured as an emerging crisis that can be solved with a mix of tax incentives and government spending.