Update from the Campaign Trail

The Clinton campaign has put together it’s own ad on Social Security- link here.

Campaign Chatter

The candidates are continuing to talk about the issues… Senator Barack Obama has a new ad about Social Security and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has a new ad on health care. Good to see candidates focusing on health and financial security; we look forward to hearing more about these issues in the coming weeks and months.

In the morning news

Washington Times: AARP magazine targets ‘new 50’ “We are experiencing a lot of change in our society,” says Emilio Pardo, the AARP’s chief brand officer who is leading efforts to attract a younger and highly engaged clientele, which he calls “the new 50.” “In many ways, you have not only boomers redefining retirement but also redefining life stages.” Washington Post: A Social Security Fix For 2008 Social Security benefits are modest by any measure and are already being cut — …

Latest Health Care Poll

Kaiser Family Foundation has a new poll on the issues that the public wants to see Congress take action on. Big shock, the top domestic issue is health care for Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Just another reminder about how important this issue is to voters.


Lots of coverage in today’s papers on last night’s forum in Sioux City where McCain and Huckabee talked about health and financial security issues. The highlight comes from CNN: Huckabee says, “I think that frankly they’re the losers for not being here,” Huckabee told reporters following the forum. “I thought the format was the most refreshing we’ve had in this entire presidential campaign.” According to exit polls, roughly 1 in 4 voters in the 2006 election were AARP members, so …

Life Support

SCHIP is again alive, if only for a short time. Still has to go back through the legislative wringer, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for the 10 million kids who need health coverage.