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Wall Street Journal: Public Split On Healthcare Policies

The Wall Street Journal reports in its “Washington Wire” column that by 49%-40%, Americans back conservative health-care solutions of tax credits and health-savings accounts over government coverage mandate backed by subsidies for the poor. But by 51%-42%, they back liberal idea of tax increases on the rich to expand coverage over continued tax cuts.

Washington Times: Mandating Health Coverage Will Cause Unemployment

The Washington Times reports, Mandating that employers either provide workers with health care coverage or pay a fee to the state or federal government could increase unemployment, according to “economic researchers” at Cornell University.

Forbes: Series On Boomer Retirement Featured

In a continuing series on retiree’s income, Forbes reports, Given the tsunami of baby boomers facing retirement within the next 20 years, there is a lot riding on 401(k)s and other self-directed retirement savings accounts. To avoid pitfalls like “a wrong move that could leave you with heavy tax payments or, in the case of your death, reduce the funds that you leave to your family,” in this series, “we give you strategies and tips from retirement planning professionals to safeguard and maximize the potential of your 401(k) plan.”