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Washington Post: Seniors Reach Beyond Family Ties

Mount Vernon at Home sprang to life after some residents saw an article about a similar organization in a bulletin put out by AARP, a lobbying organization for the elderly. Potter, a former administrator at the District law firm Covington Burling, said studies by AARP repeatedly show that more than 85 percent of elderly residents want to remain in their homes.

Los Angeles Times: Democrats’ battle shifts to healthcare

The three leading candidates spar over how ‘universal’ coverage must be and whose reform plan is bolder or more feasible.

Associated Press: Huckabee Hopes for New Hampshire Boost

He was more specific about Social Security. Americans should be offered “a tax-free buyout” of their stake in the program, he said, which would give them a lump of money to invest or spend while ending the government’s “long-term obligation” to them.

USA Today: Senior transportation a growing concern

As the oldest of the nation’s 79 million baby boomers turn 61 this year, the specter of aging and its consequences loom large. Boomers may be worrying about their parents now but know they may experience similar challenges someday.