In the morning news Obama struggles to feel voters’ pain

Burt later appeared in a radio ad for AARP, and works with New Hampshire for Health Care, an advocacy project of the Service Employees International Union. She said she has talked with Edwards, Obama, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

USA Today: Voters’ questions increase as N.H. primaries near

As the Jan. 8 primary draws closer, more political questions seem to be getting raised than answered. The results from New Hampshire likely will propel some candidacies and end others. But the contests in both parties are tightening, making predictions perilous, and more than 40% of those surveyed in a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll this week say they may change their minds.

New York Times: Economy Enjoyed a Summer Sprint, but Mortgage Crisis Expected to Slow Pace in Final Quarter

The economy sprinted ahead at its fastest pace in four years during the summer, but it is expected to limp through the final three months of this year as housing and credit problems weigh on individuals and businesses alike.

Wall Street Journal: Fraud Seen as a Driver In Wave of Foreclosures

Skyrocketing foreclosures are a testament to how easy it was to borrow from mortgage lenders in recent years.
It may also have been easy to steal from them, to judge from a multimillion-dollar fraud scheme that federal prosecutors unraveled here in Atlanta.