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AARP Joins ServiceNation

AARP is excited to announce that we are getting involved in a new project called ServiceNation… and in a big way! Our head honcho, Bill Novelli, will be joining the likes of Caroline Kennedy and Alma Powell with the goal of getting more folks involved in giving back to their community.
American presidents have a history of taking this issue seriously. George W. Bush brought us Points of Light and Bill Clinton’s baby was AmeriCorps. (Both of which are still going strong and part of the ServiceNation team!) On September 11 in NY, we’ve invited John McCain and Barack Obama to tell us what they would do. You can suggest questions you’d like the moderator to ask them here.
The next day, we’ll be part of ServiceNation Summit, where hundreds of organizers will be coming together to learn new strategies and hear from our nations leaders. We’ll be blogging live from the scene, bringing you interviews with big wigs like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as the average Joe and Jane’s out there making a difference each day.
Read an excerpt from this week’s TIME for more details. And, stay tuned to Shaarp Session for more!