Don’t Be A Bossy Boss!

Ellen Hollander, AARP’s People Strategy Officer, was on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch yesterday. She offered some tips about how to be a better boss…and haven’t we all had a bad boss a time or two?
Her tips can be found on Donny’s blog, but here’s a preview:
LEARN – Yes, you can learn how to be a great boss!
BUILD TRUST – Be authentic….and whatever you do, practice what you preach.
BE ACCESSIBLE – Have an open door policy.
COMMUNICATE – Share information, especially in a timely manner.
EMPOWER – Make sure your staff is clear about your goals and help them get there.
DELEGATE – Push decision-making to the lowest possible level and don’t second-guess.
REMOVE OBSTICLES – Eliminate internal barriers.
COACH – Be vested in their success by providing ongoing feedback.
HELP – Provide a safety net for failures/set backs and turn them into learning opportunities.
RECOGNIZE – Show appreciation often…in small and in big ways.
ENERGIZE – Get people excited about the vision and how their work is invaluable to achieving it.