The Younger Boss: Friend or Foe?

The Wall Street Journal’s blog Juggle has an interesting post on the issue of the younger boss. You would think most people dread the younger boss; after all, much of the time it’s a new boss who comes into a company that you know better than them. But it seems a lot of people vary in their experiences. Blogger Jennifer Merritt wonders:

That may be true, but I wonder if having a younger boss — particularly one without children and with a 24-7 mentality of messaging and communicating — could be tough if you have a family. Constant communication can seem overbearing and a younger boss might not care about working until 8 p.m., or won’t understand that your lack of chit-chatting isn’t unfriendly, just a tactic to be efficient and make it home in time to say goodnight to your children.

But are those experiences Jennifer is wondering about an issue of age, or an issue of whether you’re simply a good boss? What do you think?