President Obama Challenges Non-Profits to Innovate and Expand

Today, the President will be challenging non-profits to think bigger and expand the ways they can make a difference. At AARP, we’re accepting that challenge by connecting our members to Create The Good where they can find and post opportunities to serve. In addition, we’re growing our library of free, downloadable “do-it-yourself” toolkits that give you all you need to make an impact with your friends, on your time, in your community. You can watch the President’s challenge live at …

News To Know: M.D. Meets I.T.

The introduction of technology to health care has many benefits.

News To Know: How Old Is Old?

A new survey shows that many people feel younger than their age.

Foodie Friday: Summer Cocktail Edition

If only I were sitting in a rocking chair on my porch right now!

Jinxing The King Of Pop

Music legend Michael Jackson died yesterday, at age 50.

Stonewall: As it was 40 years ago.

The folks at AARP TV posted some original footage of the Stonewall riots and new interviews with gay and lesbian leaders. Powerful stuff to watch on this day.